As of 15 September 2021, the management team of Crestec Europe B.V. has the following members:
·        Managing director: Hiroshi Inazu
·        Sales and Printing manager: Fabienne Kirchhof
·        Marketing manager: Maarten Lemmens
·        Production manager: Sónia Pinto da Mota

Sónia Pinto da Mota and Maarten Lemmens are joining the management team. At the same time, Crestec Europe is saying goodbye to Cristiana Luppi, who has been our Production manager until now.

Maarten Lemmens joined Crestec Europe in 2003 as a linguist for German and Dutch translations. A trained translator and interpreter, he quickly became instrumental in Crestec’s desire to provide truly excellent quality translations to its customers. After assuming the position of Lead linguist, Maarten also started managing the quality management system at Crestec.
He will use his vast operational experience, his quality oriented mind and his ability to constantly improve in his new role as Marketing manager.

After working as a technical translator for several years, Sónia Pinto da Mota joined Crestec Europe’s project coordination team in 2002. Sónia combines a linguistic background and strong technical expertise with efficiency and striving for continual improvement. Over the years, she has become responsible for the project management of Crestec Europe’s key accounts, she implemented MT into our production workflow and she has led the project management team for over a decade. In her new role as Production manager, Sónia will manage all of our production teams: project management, linguistics, localization engineering and quality control.

Cristiana Luppi decided to pursue opportunities outside Crestec Europe. Having had various roles in the company, from managing our production teams and vendors, to managing our quality and information security systems, Cristiana has played a key role in the professionalization and growth of Crestec Europe. We are grateful for her 21 years of dedication to the company and wish her all the best in the future. |