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The sustainable approach to pull-up banners

100% reusable
100% recyclable
100% FSC certified materials
Customized printing, even the case part
Artwork is exchangeable, no need for new case
Only 2.5 kg, compact size
Easy to ship

Pull-up banners are often heavy and big. The canvas is not fully recyclable and the metal case is not reusable. Moreover, you cannot exchange the artwork if you want to start another campaign.

Not anymore!

Crestec’s pull-up banners are made of 100% FSC certified materials.
You can recycle them and reuse them.
Easy to exchange artwork, while continuing to use the same case.
Perfect for your store, your event and your office!

Watch Crestec’s printing coordinator Frank Oldenburg assemble a pull-up banner!

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Pocketalk is a multi-sensory two-way translation device. Pocketalk utilizes the best translation engines around the world to provide a consistently accurate experience across 82 languages, including localized dialects and slang.

With a large screen, multi-week battery life, speech and text translation, and two years of free data around the world, the Pocketalk is your preferred instant translating solution.

Speech to speech, speech to text, text to speech and text to text. The choice is yours.

Crestec is the European distributor of Pocketalk. Find out more here

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